How to Make Money on YouTube in 6 Simple Steps

If regular people earning money from YouTube fascinates you and you have a desire to do the same, then you have come to the right place! In this post, we are going to disclose 6 Simple Steps but doable ways that will enable you to learn how to make money on YouTube.

Being the world’s second largest Search Engine YouTube also enjoys the status of the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. Every minute, more than 500 hrs of video are uploaded on it and 1billion+ hours of YouTube videos are watched in a day that is more than Facebook and Netflix video included.

All this makes YouTube one of the most powerful platforms to make good money by creating entertaining, informative and engaging videos. So without further ado, let us jump right on with it and understand how to start a YouTube Channels & Make Money-

How to Make Money on YouTube in 6 Steps

Step 1: Create your YouTube channel

click on the bar

Creating YouTube Channel is the first step to learn how to create a YouTube Channel and make money. Creating a YouTube channel is very easy you just have to follow the given steps to set up your YouTube channel.

  • Log in to your Gmail account, if you don’t have one create it and then come to youtube.com
  • Then click on the drop-down menu present just on the left side of the YouTube logo
  • Go to the My Channels option from that menu
  • Another menu will open with the option ‘Set up your channel on YouTube’ with your name on it
  • Now, you just have to feed your personal information to create your channel

Next step of How to Make Money on YouTube Guide guides you about the importance of choosing a niche-

Step 2:  Find out what you are good at i.e. Your Niche

There are thousands of people out there who are sharing their hobbies or passion with the world through YouTube videos and in the process making some bucks too.

Do you have a passion or an interest that you would love to share with the world?

Below we have compiled some amazing ideas suggested by ‘How to Make Money on YouTube Guide’ that you should look at to help you out on deciding your niche.


How to Make Money on YouTube

Do you have the hidden talent of singing? If yes, do not waste any more time and start on with your singing. People love listening to good songs and always look for voices that can strike a chord in their hearts.


Today, when people have a doubt they simply look for the answer online. If you are good at a subject like English, mathematics, science or anything else you can start teaching it. People will surely appreciate your help.

Fashion advice

If you know how to put on an ensemble of clothing that can turn heads then you have a gift. Not everyone in the world is born with a fashion sense. You can help people look fabulous!

Cooking videos

How to Make Money on YouTube

Such videos also attract lots of viewers on YouTube. Everyone wants delicious foods and they love going through best cooking tips.

Pet videos

You have a dog or cat and have an amazing time with its cute little activities. You can share his funny or cute videos and entertain your viewers. Further, you can also upload videos discussing how one should take care of their pets.


Everyone likes to have a good laugh. If you like to crack jokes or do mimicry, you can easily attract many followers.

Now, let us delve into the YouTube Content Strategies suggested by How to Make Money on YouTube Guide-

Step 3: Make a Strategy on your YouTube content

If you always wanted to know How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money then this step is of great importance for you.

Having a strategy ready for your YouTube channel in terms of its promotion will serve you well. Formula that ‘How to Make Money on YouTube Guides’ suggest is to make unique quality videos that have the potential to go viral. But for making your videos viral, you need to have a content that is worth sharing.

The definition of being viral is changing every day!

But, the one thing that remains central to all viral videos is great content. If your videos offer high-quality content it is sure to attract a lot of attention.

Generally, when viewers enjoy a video or learn something new from it they like to share it in their personal network.  In the bid to generate viral content all you need is a little research along with a little effort and soon you will be coming up with high-quality content that has the potential to go viral.

Step 4 of this How to Make Money on YouTube will take you into the world of AdSense for YouTube-

Step 4: Apply for AdSense

Until now, we discussed how you can create a YouTube channel that people will love viewing. Now, let’s get on with the topic that will enable you to start earning money. Your quest to know how do YouTubers make money is also going to end here.

  • After you log in to YouTube go to the ‘my channel’ option as mentioned earlier
  • Now click on the ‘Video Manager’ option
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • On the left side, a navigation menu will appear from there select ‘Channel’
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • Now click on the enable option which is displayed before Monetization
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • After going through the terms and condition, select the ‘I accept’ box
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • Below the channel heading, the monetization will appear
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • Select this monetization option. Now, a window will pop up with the heading ‘Monetization’, when this appears, click on the option of ‘How will I be paid?’ and then proceed by clicking on ‘Associate an AdSense account’
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • Click on the next option
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • A window will now come up asking you to sign in to your Gmail account
How to Make Money on YouTube
  • Feed all the information asked and continue
  • Again fill up the required information and finally click ‘ Submit my application’
  • Now, this step involves verification of your mobile number
  • Finally, your application for AdSense has been submitted for approval

There is no strict rule regarding the waiting time and approval of AdSense. The procedure of approval is improving with each day.

Now, dive deep into some of the best YouTube tools-

Step 5: Employ the best YouTube Tools

YouTube tools can alleviate your process of creating YouTube videos. Using tools to ensure YouTube SEO is also suggested by ‘How to Make Money on YouTube Guide’. So let us start with some of the most preferred YouTube Tools-

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is going to suggest you keywords that people are searching for and when you use it on your videos, it will increase the traffic of relevant audiences on your channels. After quality and unique content, ensuring good rank in YouTube searches is very important in making money.


You will have to talk a lot on your video and it goes without saying that there will be mistakes while speaking. Use Evernote for your speeches that enable you to jot down all the points with a little detail.

Text to Speech app

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just watch or listen to a video; you also will have to put on supporting texts to make sense to a large audience. For such situation, you should have text to speech app. This will automatically generate text based on what you speak.

Picture editing app

Sometimes videos also need pictures and for having the perfect picture opt for a good picture editing app such as Canva, PicMonkey etc.

Social media campaign

For making your videos viral, you need to share your videos on all social media platforms. It may not be always possible to do it manually. For those times, you can use ‘Buffer’ with which you can schedule the sharing of your videos for an entire week.

Last step of How to Make Money on YouTube Guide talks about right strategies to monetize your videos-

Step 6: Monetize your Video

After watching an interesting video on YouTube, do you wish to know that how much money do YouTube make?

India’s one of the top YouTubers, Bhuvan Bam who is the creator of BB Ki Vines makes Rs 3-4 lakh per video. Many other YouTubers and channels are making great money on YouTube.

Meet India’s YouTube Millionaires here.

Alongside good, unique, appealing and engaging content, you need to monetize your video.  Here we are going to discuss some of the ways in which you can make money from YouTube:


Advertisement on YouTube is the most popular way to earn money. In this particular monetization method, you are going to make $1-$2 for 1000 views on average in the videos.

Affiliate marketing

Big brands often use other channels having a huge fan base to market their products. All you have to do is include their product link to your video description and you will make a good amount for every conversion.

Direct promotion

It is the same as affiliate marketing but has a slight difference. This includes involving the description of the brand products into the video, for which the brand will pay you a fixed amount based on the size of your fan-base.

Paid Video

In paid videos, the brands approach you to share some valuable information about them through your videos, in return for which you can ask for a definite price.


 Crowdsourcing is similar to the concept of Wikipedia, where you share free valuable information with the audience for a favor that they donate money for video making expenses.

Master YouTube Marketing Now!

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